Tips To Reference A Dissertation Correctly

Even before we delve further into the topic, let us begin easy by identifying some common reasons for referencing. The following are some of these; 1. To avoid plagiarism 2. To provide validation for your arguments 3. To create a simplified method to trace the original work 4. To give the original author credit for their work 5. To assert your knowledge of the subject Styles Of Referencing There are several established styles of referencing. Different authors and publications might give preference to different styles. Some of the more widely accepted referencing styles are: 1. APA 2. Oxford 3. MLA 4. Harvard 5. Chicago Points To Be Considered While Editing Dissertation Reference It is important to maintain consistency in the references. The content adapted from the sources must be relevant to the previous content and in link with the next content. The references should be listed in the same order as they are adopted in the content instead of a haphazard manner. Clear information about the source should be mentioned while citing the reference. Incomplete or incorrect information should not be included. Guidelines for the APA style of references and citations by Dr. Ben Phillips: Requisite Information To Be Mentioned In Dissertation Reference Irrespective of whichever referencing style you choose to adopt, certain information is mandatory to be included in the dissertation reference. The following is the chronological list given with reference to APA referencing style: 1. The author of the original work: The name and surname of the author should be mentioned followed by the year in which the work was published in the publication. In case of more than one author, the name of one author should be mentioned followed by et. al. 2. The title of the original work: The title of the original work should be complete, distinct and within inverted commas. 3. The name of the publication: The name of the publication as is. 4. Date of the publication: The date the work was published in that publication. 5. Other details about the publication: The volume, date and time of access, page numbers, etc. these details are not mandatory, although, if mentioned, they increase the credibility of the source. The tables, as well as images and statistical or any other form of data included in the work, also requires referencing. A separate list of references should be made each for the images, tables, and any… Read more